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Thinking About Starting A Village?


Beacon Hill Village enrolled its first members in February 2002 and was soon deluged with requests for help, information, and specific how-to answers.  In 2006, we published The Village Concept: A Founder's Manual, sharing some of our experience in a hands-on, tell-all style that many groups have found very useful.
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Founders' Manual

There are currently more than 140 Villages open villages and many more are in progress around the globe.  We at Beacon Hill Village have been learning from experience as our Village matures and are happy to share these experiences with you in a new volume entitled Sustaining Your Village: A Supplement to A Founder's Manual.
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Supplement to
the Founders' Manual


The Village to Village Network

It has been a joy to see variations on our model as more villages open.  As villages ways to learn from each other, the Village to Village Network (VtV) can help.
 VtV offers a powerful way for villages to exchange ideas, pool resources, and share new tools.