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Wellness and Fitness

Esplanade Fitness

Membership in Beacon Hill Village enhances the wellbeing of our members through various exercise and wellness programs, which are available at a reduced rate or for a small fee, and some at no cost at all.


Exercise Activites

  • Total fitness and yoga classes on Zoom taught by certified instructors contracted by BHV
  • Discounted membership at area health clubs
  • strolls and walks
  • Referrals for personal training at home




Wellness Programs

  • Meditation (group is hosted by BHV members)
  • Referrals:
    • Acupuncture
    • Massage therapy
    • Physical therapy
    • Podiatry







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MGH Executive Registry- Healthcare Navigator

BHV members are eligible to enroll in the Executive Registry through Massachusetts General Hospital. This program, which can be reassuring to those who travel, provides personalized access to emergency and routine medical care for members and their families, both domestically and internationally. Program benefits include:

  • 24- hour access to high-quality care anywhere in the world
  • Access to English speaking physicians in other countries
  • Pre-travel counsel and immunizations
  • Consultations for travel and medical emergencies abroad

Annual enrollment occurs each September when members can sign up. The annual fee for BHV members is $300 per household (a BHV discount of $900 on a $1,200 value). 


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