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Mission - Goals - Principles

Ice Cream Social


The mission of Beacon Hill Village is to provide information and services, sponsor recreation and educational activities, and foster a strong sense of community so that older adults in central Boston neighborhoods can live their lives to the fullest independently in their own homes.






20th Anniversary party



  • Offer choice and control of how and where we choose to live
  • Help maintain and enhance our quality of life
  • Provide peace of mind
  • Support lives of purpose and promise
  • Enable us to successfully navigate the transitions of aging






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Guiding Principles

  • Inclusiveness: welcoming members of diverse cultures, faiths, genders, orientations, and abilities
  • Compassion: supporting and caring for each other
  • Collaboration: member-driven mindset of working together
  • Community: strong relationships within and outside the village
  • Individuality: respecting and celebrating the uniqueness of each member
  • Innovation: adapting to changing needs and preferences of members
  • Sustainability: managing our organization with fiscal discipline and responsibility





Beacon Hill Village | 74 Joy Street | Boston 02114 | | 617-723-9713 | [email protected]