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Volunteer at Beacon Hill Village


We run on social capital and the power that comes from connecting people who have abundant energy, creativity, knowledge, and determination to make the world a better place. We have a dedicated staff, but Beacon Hill Village thrives because so many members and volunteers make Village life engaging and responsive to members' interests and needs. There are many ways you can volunteer:


Technology Assistance: provide assistance with PCs and Macs, help with the Internet, smart phones and iPods.


Friendly Visits: deliver meals, take care of animals or plants when a member is out of town, help after a hospital stay, accompany members to social activities.

Office/Administration: help with computer entry, mailings, stuffing parties for newsletters, and make phone calls to check on other members.

Community Outreach: recruit new members, arrange informal get togethers, and welcome new members to Beacon Hill Village.


Events and Programming: organize special-interest groups, plan events and host parties.


Writing and Photography: write and edit articles, marketing materials and event invitations, and take member photos.

For more information, call us at 617-723-9713 or e-mail