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Beacon Hill Village presents leaders in a relaxed and conversational format. With expertise in a variety of disciplines --science, technology, medicine sports, politics, current events, the arts, pop culture and more—our speakers our always informative and entertaining. 

Conversations With…has presented more than 100 speakers since 2009 with ongoing support from: 



Conversations With... Susan Landau    Access Passcode for video:  g=M5i1*8

Susan Landau is a leading national expert on cybersecurity and author of Listening In: Cybersecurity in an Insecure Age. She has had a profound effect on making intelligible and reshaping the sometimes heated American debate about this vital matter of security for our country and for its large institutions.

Click the link above for a recording of this event, and use the passcode provided.

november 2020

Conversations With... Melissa Fetter    Access Passcode for video: O3f&8&%*

Melissa Fetter returned to Beacon Hill last year after a 30 year hiatus living and working in California and Texas. She and her husband, Trevor Fetter (and their Westie "Ferris") are excited to back in Boston, in the neighborhood they adore.  Upon returning to Boston, Melissa was surprised to find that a bookstore no longer existed in Beacon Hill and so she set out to remedy that flaw with the purchase of 71 Charles Street (the former Hungry I location).  She is in the midst of the complicated and slow renovation of the building which will house a cafe on the ground level, a bookstore on levels 2 through 4 and a back office for the bookstore on the top floor. When not working on the creation of Beacon Hill Books & Cafe, Melissa serves on the boards of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, WBUR and she is the Vice Chair of the NPR Foundation. She is also an active volunteer for her Alma Mater,  Stanford University.

Click the link above for a recording of this event, and use the passcode provided.

October 2020

Conversations With... William Mayer  Video icon  Access Passcode for video: J&*h1KuE

Northeastern's Professor William Mayer is a recognized expert on swing voters, a subject of obvious interest as national voting for president is underway and Election Day looms. What is a swing voter? Are swing voters identifiable demographically? How are they distributed among the major parties and third parties? How much, and under what conditions have swings and swing voters mattered in past elections, especially presidential elections? In a hyperpartisan age, are there fewer swing voters, more, or the same as historically? Can we identify at least the broad likely bounds of their impacts in the 2020 elections, especially for Biden v. Trump? 

Click the link above for a recording of this event, and use the passcode provided.

October 2020

Conversations With... Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau is the CEO & Publisher of MIT Technology Review, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's independent media company. 
Elizabeth walked us through the publication's 2020 list of breakthrough technologies that will change how we live and work. 
The following are some links she shared:

MIT Technology Review's breakthrough technology list in 2020

MIT Technology Review's breakthrough technology list in 2010

An editor's letter that discusses their selection process ten years ago

June 2020

Conversations About... The First Women of Yale College  video icon blue

Assistant Dean Betsy Thomas Peterson was the first woman ever hired by the Yale College Dean's Office who wasn't a secretary. She arrived for her first day of work at Yale in September 1969 - a week before the first undergraduate women.
Anne Gardiner Perkins has written a lively account of the tumultuous early years of coeducation in Yale College, Yale Needs Women: How the First Group of Girls Rewrote the Rules of an Ivy League Giant. 

Click the link above for a recording of this event co-sponsored by Beacon Hill Village and King's Chapel.