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Member Engagement Committee
Chairs: Atheline Nixon and Ken Scott

The Member Engagement Committee works closely with the Member Services staff to welcome new members to facilitate and encourage engagement with the Village. Just as important, the committee actively seeks ways to help all members enhance their Village experience.

We Welcome New Members - Through the Village’s Ambassador Program coordinators work with the BHV Member Services team to create “matches” between new members and experienced Village members. These matches are based on a variety of factors including shared interests, familiarity with the Village or other members or their neighborhood. Ambassadors welcome new members by reaching out via e-mail and phone, answering questions, and serving as a friendly and welcoming connection.  

We Help ALL Members Enhance Their Village Experience- Periodically, an Interest and Talent Survey is sent out to all members. The Member Engagement Committee then works with the collected data to assess member preferences, interests, skills and talents and how they can be best engaged in the work of the Village.

The Committee is always looking for members who would like to join its mission and welcomes those that would like to be an Ambassador.

Program Committee
Chair: Karen Garvin
The Program Committee plans and develops programs and activities for members of Beacon Hill Village. The committee focuses on offerings that center on the whole person-- mind, body, and spirit.

• Cultural and educational programs include the well-received Conversations With… presentations and discussions on a variety of topics and issues. Conversations are usually held at King’s Chapel Parish House. Trips to museums, historic sites, performing arts venues and much more are also very popular. Social gatherings include music salons in private homes, potluck dinners, birthday parties, holiday parties and special Village events such as the annual meeting. The committee also orchestrates some travel events such as trips to places such as Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan, Connecticut

• Exercise and wellness programs such as yoga classes and walking groups are always popular. Living Well/Ending Well examines issues ranging from health to managing one’s resources, from handling medical issues to planning for a person’s ending well.

Check out the BHV calendar  to see upcoming events and happenings.  

Services Committee
Chair: Joanne Cooper
The services committee is responsible for identifying, addressing and facilitating solutions for member needs and issues.

• The committee’s role is to be attuned to member’s needs and then working to respond to those needs. Recently the committee realized that some members were not participating in programs because of hearing issues. Realizing that hearing loss can result in social isolation, the committee researched different hearing assistive devices and settled on one provider. The village now owns a set of hearing assists that are available to use at lectures, museums and walks.

• The committee also helps set up affinity groups such as a caregivers’ group and a widow and widowers’ group for members who share an interest in a specific topic or who are undergoing a life transition in common. The committee’s role is to facilitate the beginning of a group and informing the general membership about the groups. Once a group has been established, they run sessions according to their agreed upon preferences and schedules.

Learn more about affinity groups.