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Resources, Information and Support
The services committee and BHV staff are attentive to the needs, recommendations and requests of our members so that you can obtain the services you need to remain independent in your own home and community. One phone call to our Member Services staff connects you to vetted providers, information and other members who can share experiences and advice with you.

Read more about the services committee.  

Some services--such as check-in calls and doctor-prescribed rides home from appointments --are free.

Other services may be offered at a discounted rate by vendors who are active supporters of Beacon Hill Village. And, our wonderful volunteers serve as drivers, escorts, home visitors and providers of support and comfort in times of need -- and much more.

Check-in Calls and Emails

MGH Executive Registry—Healthcare Navigator

Grocery Shopping Assistance

Home Help Services

Online BHV Email Community

Peer Volunteers

Technical Help (Computers, Tablets and Phones)


Volunteers at Your Service



Calls can be made to members to check in and say a friendly hello when we are aware of an illness, hospital stay or we haven’t had contact in a while. We ask if we can be of assistance or arrange for more frequent check-in-calls if requested.


MGH Executive Registry—Healthcare Navigator

BHV members are eligible to enroll in the Executive Registry through Massachusetts General Hospital. This program, which can be reassuring to those who travel, provides personalized access to emergency and routine medical care for members and their families, either domestically or internationally. Program benefits include:

  • 24-hour access to high-quality care anywhere in the world
  • Access to English speaking physicians in other countries
  • Pre-travel counsel and immunizations
  • Consultations for travel and medical emergencies abroad
Annual enrollment occurs each September when members can sign up. The annual fee for BHV members is $300 per household (a BHV discount of $900 on a $1,200 value). Please note that members must re-enroll in the Executive Registry every year.

Grocery Shopping Assistance

Members can take advantage of grocery services once a week for a modest fee. In addition, there are commercial services that will deliver groceries to your home. Please call the office for a list of options.

Shopping Trips – We provide transportation to various grocery stores every Tuesday and Friday and to Trader Joe’s and Market Basket on select Wednesdays. The BHV driver can assist with shopping and can carry grocery bags right to the door if desired. Call the office to reserve a spot at 617-723-9713.

Grocery Delivery –
 We can even do the shopping. Please call the office at 617-723-9713 with a shopping list on Monday (for Tuesday delivery) or Thursday (for Friday delivery) before 2:00 pm. Groceries will be delivered to the door.

Home Help Services

We offer an easy, one-stop approach with a database of hundreds of trusted, vetted service providers. Many come personally recommended by BHV members.  Some examples of how we can help are listed here:

Home Health Services

  • Geriatric case manager
  • Home health agencies
  • Home modifications

In-Home Services

  • Caterers
  • Housekeepers
  • Organizers/de-cluttering

Legal/Financial Services

  • Appraisers
  • Accountants
  • Bill paying/bookkeepers

Maintenance and Repair Services

  • Handymen
  • Electricians
  • Painters

Professional Medical Services

  • Dentists
  • Podiatrists
  • Social workers

Online BHV Email Community 

Members can take advantage of our BHV-member-only online email community. It’s an easy and convenient way for members to share useful information with each other. 

Subscribers can:

  • Send and receive emails (or “post”) to all BHV members about items of general interest that are pertinent to our community
  • Give quick updates about happenings in the community

  • Offer an item for sale

For directions on how to join the BHV community list serve, please call the office at 617-723-9713 or email

Peer Volunteers

Support, advice and counsel – especially during life transitions—are provided by BHV peer volunteers who have experienced similar personal challenges. Please contact our office and we’ll connect you with the right volunteer.

Technical help with Computers, Tablets and Phones

BHV offers referrals to both paid service providers or to one of our volunteers for support and help with computers, tablets, cell phones.
 Help can be provided for:
  • Accessing email
  • Setting up a new computer
  • Retrieving a lost file
  • Using an application on a smart phone


We offer several options to facilitate transportation for our members.
  • Rides around Town and Beyond 
We can arrange private and insured drivers. There is an hourly rate for BHV drivers and additional mileage fees for travel outside of the city limits. BHV can also arrange transportation with local cab companies or private car services. 

NOTE: We are not able to book travel outside of the state.
Please call the office to request transportation as much in advance as possible; preferred lead time is at least one week prior to the date of your ride. If your plans change and you need to cancel or reschedule 
  • Free Ride Home from Medical Procedure (DPR)

Membership includes three “Doctor Prescribed Rides” (DPR) per calendar year at no cost to you. A BHV driver will bring you home after a medical procedure when the physician or hospital requires an escort. Call the office to schedule in advance.

  • Taxi Coupons

Taxi coupons are available for Boston residents over the age of 65 and provide a 50% discount for taxi rides ($5 for a $10 coupon book). The City of Boston limits each person to two booklets per month. 

Taxi coupons may be purchased at the Beacon Hill Village office at 74 Joy Street on the second Friday of each month from 11-12 PM. For more information, call 617-723-9713 or email 

If you are unable to visit a location where taxi coupons are distributed due to health or mobility issues and you obtain a letter from your physician to that effect, we can mail taxi coupons to you.

Coupons are also available for purchase at other locations, including Monday-Friday at Boston City Hall. Please call the BHV village or City Hall (617-635-4366) for locations that may be more convenient for you.

  • Uber and Lyft

If you are interested in learning how to use ride sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft, please call the office for assistance.

Access to Volunteers

Beacon Hill Village has both members and vetted service providers who are willing and able to help in a variety of ways.

Service VolunteersStaff will attempt to match you with a volunteer when you need an escort, technology assistance, or have an errand to be run. If we cannot fill your needs with a volunteer, we can refer you to a vetted service provider.

Peer Resource Volunteers—Many of our members are available and willing to share their experience and information about many of the transitions or challenges associated with growing older.

To learn more about volunteers, call 617-723-9713 or email

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